THE EDUCATOR - June 01 2018

IGBO SUMMIT:  Pro Biafran Group BRM Warns against Attack on Ebitu Ukiwe

A pro Biafran Group, Biafran Reformation Movement BRM has warned against any attack on the person of the Retd. Gen. Ebitu Ukiwe over the just conclude Igbo summit.

In a statement personally signed by the leader of the movement, Ndubuisi Igwekani said the organisation’s attention was recently drawn on the statement of insult and abuse by some misguided group parading themselves as “Ndinze na ozo” on some respected Igbo elders like Nnia Nwodo, Emmanuel Iwuanyawu, Retd. Gen. Ebitu Ukiwe over the just concluded Igbo Summit, adding that such unguided utterances is wrong to be used against some respected Igbo elders who have paid their due in the struggle for the emancipation of Igbo race in the name of the genuine struggle.    

The statement further reads; “It has come to our notice the activities and actions of some misguided elements who use Biafran genuine struggle to misinform the general public by abusing our respected elders through the internet and social media. We want to state here that not all our elders are saboteur or sabotaging our collective desire of having our own nation, or a nation that protect our political and economic interest.

“In respect of the Igbo summit organized by Ohaneze Ndigbo, we say Ohaneze is a registered socio cultural organization that believes Igbo problem can be solved in Nigeria as a nation. We believe that Biafra is the only way to solve the Igbo problem. We want a nation that will protect our people both economic and political.”

“No individual or group of individual has the legitimate right to disturb Ohaneze, because Ohaneze is a registered pan-Igbo socio cultural Organisation to protect the interest of Ndigbo. We hold them accountable for our collective welfare, but we don’t have the power to destroy or disturb their legitimate activities. We Biafran Reformation Movement BRM and Biafran Salvation Mission BSM as an organization are not violence and never believe we can achieve our agitation through violence means. So, we cannot disturb the gathering of our elders.”  

“Now the group of people who call themselves ‘Ndinze na ozo’ who are calling Chief Ebitu Ukiwe, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu and Nnia Nwodo names should first know that Ebitu Ukiwe  never attended the Igbo summit reasons best known to him, and he was not part of those that organised the summit. Therefor it is wrong and lack of information for any group to start abusing Chief Ebitu Ukiwe (Aka Ji Ofor Ndigbo). He has paid his due in the struggle for the emancipation of our people. It could be recalled that it was in his time that some states were created, and he resign his position because of the interest of the Ndigbo when there was too much pressure on him to betray Igbo nation. So, for some misguided group to pay him with insult and abuse is unacceptable to our organization. Our movement is solidly behind Chief Ebitu Ukiwe in contributing his quota in addressing the problems of Igbo nation.

“We therefore use this medium to call on Ndigbo and general public to disregard statement geared towards tarnishing the good image of the well-respected Igbo son and elder statesman”.