Abia: Catholic faithful in Umuahia protest the killing of Christians in Nigeria

The Catholic Bishop of Umuahia Diocese, Bishop Lucius Ogorji led Catholic faithful in Umuahia, the Abia state capital, to mourn the death of two catholic priests of Diocese of makurdi, Rev. Fr. Joseph Gor and Rev. Fr. Felix tyolaha and 17 parishioners.

The Bishop who led a rally in protest in honour of the Christians martyrs, who were brutally murdered at St. Ignatius Church Mbalon Benue State, condemned senseless killing of the deceased in the Church.

Bishop Ugorji who addressed the Catholic community at St. Finbarrs Church in Umuahia, charged the Christian faithful to pray against the repeat of such sad event in other part of the Country.

He said, “The church vehemently condemned the killing of two priests in Benue and we also strongly denounce the senseless killing of thousands of people in Nigeria by Boko Haram, the Herdsmen, terrorists and others unscrupulous groups or individuals”.    

“We wish to stress the sanctity and inviolability of human life. The life of every individual whether Christians or Muslims are sacred.
He pointed out that on the account of the priceless worth of human life, God thus enjoins Christians, “Thou shall not kill, (Ex 20: 13) you must not put the innocent and just to death (Dan 13: 53), Indeed God hates hands that shed innocent blood”.

He equally condemned the recent killings of people in Iheosu Arochukwu Local Government in Abia State by their neighboring community from Cross Rivers State.

The Bishop called on the federal government to rise up to the occasion and stop the shedding the blood of innocent citizens of Nigeria.