THE EDUCATOR - August 8 2019


Written by Rt. Hon Cosmos Ndukwe

AS things are going now in Nigeria, an average IGBO man, woman, and Child would have UNDERSTOOD THE LYRICS of the music, the 2nd Niger Bridge may be bait the federal government is dangling to sustain the interest of the South East.

My point is not whether or not the bridge is a SE project. I am talking about understanding the lyrics of today’s Made in Nigeria Music .

Let’s think outside the box, commerce is all we have now, our oil had been taken away.

The Azumini Blue River is just 15 (fifteen) nautical miles away from the HIGH SEA. Let the SE GOVERNORS replicate the same spirit with which they collectively rejected RUGA to embrace the lavish economic potentials that the Azumini River hold if dredges to HIGH SEA. Let them think of reviving the medium and small scale enterprises that made Aba, Onitsha and Enugu thick in the olden days.

Naturally, the purposeful dredging and revitalization of Azumini will proffer solution to the dearth of neighboring West African countries’ patronage. Already, Abia has proposed a clearing house in Enyimba Economic City. That’s a step in the right direction. We need the Azumini harbour. We need a functional ‘Sea port’ in the absence of a functional rail transport.

Let us not accept the argument that we are landlocked. We are only victims of low steam integrated thinking. SE governors at this time have no dissenting voice coming from one political party. There is need for us to ignite this comparative advantage. It is easier to get it right collectively.

We are Igbos. We are Entrepreneurs if entails collective borrowing or contribution of funds to achieve let them do so and own it jointly.