THE EDUCATOR - February 19

Enugu Runs the Best LG System under Ugwuanyi says Ezeagu LGA Chair

As the Local Governments battle States control over their affairs, Enugu State is said to run free and autonomous Local Government system in Nigeria under Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi.

The Chairman of Ezeagu Local Government Council, Hon. Fred Chukwudi Ezinwa in an interview with The Educator News said every Local Government Council in Enugu State receive their resources directly and decide what to do with their fund without any interference from the state government, adding that Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is not interested on what comes to the LGAs or what they do with their money, rather advice that LG Chairmen should make sure staff salary is paid.

Hon. Ezinwa said what is said to have been happening in other states where the State Government decide how the LGAs is being run is not the same in Enugu State.

"Our Money comes to our account direct, and we disburse our money, we decide what to do with our money. If we want to do Empowerment or go into infrastructure development. But we do that after salary payment.

"The Governor, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi doesn’t want to know what you do with your money. He is not interested on what comes to your Local Government. But there is what he calls first line charge, and he will always tell you first line Charge, make sure you pay your staff salary. For me in my local, I make sure we are not lacking behind in salary payment.

"Our Governor has been a legislature for 12 years, he knows the norms of Local government, and has been maintaining that. I am talking authoritatively, quote me anywhere, The Governor don't temper with our resources.

"Any Chairman in Enugu State that says the Governor touches his money, call that person a thief", Ezeagu LG Chairman said.