According to Report, there are at least one billion people in Africa, and 60% of them are under 35 years old.

About 25 to 45 percent of African Youths are currently unemployed due to lack of institutions to imbibe values, knowledge and training to them. Therefore, Government, private bodies, individuals and other relevant agencies are advised to focus on the establishment of institutions and structures to enhance youth capacity development which will ultimately help alleviate poverty.

Based on studies, the youths feel empowered if they are entrusted with task or if they are made to be involve in project that will help enhance different life skills like decision-making, leadership, etc.

Nigerian Youths account for over 50% of the total population of Nigeria whom either unemployed or underemployed, and their educational skills are inadequate. This scenario, many say is alarming.

Hon. Chinedum Orji, member Representing Umuahia Central State constituency in Abia  House of Assembly recognising the importance of Human Capacity Development, has taken it upon himself to make sure youths are better equipped to face today's challenges.

In small scale business development alone, thousands of Abia Youths both in Aba and Umuahia have benefited from  Hon. Orji's small scale business development programme, where they are being trained and start-up capital given to them to start the business of their choice. Hundreds of cars have been given to youths freely who  are interested in transport business to begin their life.

Hon. Chinedum Orji adopted a functional system of Skill Acquisition programme where youths are not only trained in different kinds of skills to better their lives, but also set-up the business for them immediately after their training. The huge success of this programme has actually built majority of Abia youths to be self-reliance and place them above poverty line.

Today in Abia State, the pursuit of all these various youths empowerment programmes by the Direct Touch Lawmaker have drastically reduced the rate of youth restiveness and other social vices caused by the scourge of unemployment.
Hon. Orji's scholarship scheme has so far given hope to many Abia hopeless youths who never thought they will see the four walls of university. Not only that, secondary school students and those whose parents could not afford their Senior School Certificate Examination S. S. C. E fee have benefited immensely from the scholarship scheme of this superlative lawmaker.

IKUKU OMA ABIA as he popularly known has made many Abia youths millionaires as well as inspires them into leadership position. More than 50 percent of political office positions in Abia State today are occupied by the youths Courtesy of Hon. Chinedum Orji.

According to OKEZIE OGBUDU, a youth leader in Ohuhu Umuahia, “I have seen politicians, I have seen men of Good Will, but I have not seen a man who has so much passion for humanity like Hon. Chinedum Orji. You may not know IKUKU OMA ABIA, but only hear about IKUKU ABIA until you come in touch with him. Hon. (Engr.) Chinedum Orji has made so many youths. When you talk of youths empowerment in Abia, you talk of Hon. Chinedum Orji (IKUKU OMA ABIA).he has single handed made many youths millionaires. Is it in small scale business development? Skills Acquisition, scholarships, helping less privileged by paying their hospital bills, building houses for them, directly touching lives and giving it a meaning. My brother Abia Youths is very much pleased with him and solidly behind him."