THE EDUCATOR - July 22 2019

Imo: We will set Example by conducting the Best LG Election – ISIEC Chairman

The new chairman of Imo State Independent Electoral Commission ISIEC, Chief Barrister Julius Ebuzo Onyenaucheya said the commission has a mandate to conduct free, fair and credible Local Government Council election that will be worthy of emulation by other states of the federation, assuring Imo people to expect the best LGA election that has ever been in the history of Imo State.


Barrister Onyemaucheya said they are poised to conduct an election that Imo people will be proud of, promising to be very thorough, diligent and most importantly follow due process in the course of their duty.

“Our mandate is to conduct a free and fair election into local government council. A free and fair election that will be so credible that Imo people will be proud of. We are poised to conducting an election that will be emulated by other states. We are going to be very thorough about it, diligent and follow due process”, said the new ISIEC boss in an interaction with our reporter.

He said they have a challenge of convincing the Imo electorates that theirs is not going to be business as usual, meaning the party in power takes it all.

“When we are addressing the political parties last time, we did tell them that is possible for PDP to win 27/27, and that is if they allow them to do that. How would they allow them to do that? Sit back in their homes and conclude that PDP as party in power will take it as usual without doing any work. But if other parties give them a run for their effort, and work hard, and I told them if they don’t have the capacity to sponsor chairmanship candidate in an LGA, for goodness sake fill in councillorship in a word where you are strong. If you win, you win. For instance in LGA of 12 wards and you can sponsor 3 or 4 councillorship candidates and win, you have done very well. You must not go for chairmanship if you don’t have the capacity to win”.

He said is very much possible for PDP to lose ground if they refuse to work hard thinking they are party in power, therefore they have already won.

“We were selected and appointed based on character and integrity. And we will not rubbish it sitting here. We would rather work to improve on it. That is why I said to Imo people; expect the best LGA election that has ever been in this state. On the July 4, 2019, when this commission is being inaugurated, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha said it loud and clear that he wants a free, fair, and credible LGA election. He will not interfere with our activities here, and we will not allow any interference. So, I want Imo people to have that confident in us that we will not be bias. Since my assumption in office, friends that know me have called to say we appreciate this appointment knowing your track record, and we believe you will deliver. So, I want to also not to disappoint my friends, my family and those that know me for credibility. I will not disappoint.”

He regretted at the level of disrepair of the both personnel and physical office equipments of the commission, but expressed confident in the present administration to put everything in place in his rebuilding agenda.

“If you look around here, you found out that this is not an environment from which you carry out this functions we have targeted. We met nothing here. No operational vehicles, no official vehicles, if you look at our office, you can’t find any air-condition, no television, what is happening in the world, I don’t know except I read newspaper. That is not how office of chairman of a commission for this purpose is meant to be. So we need to fix all these things, some of my commissioners don’t have seat, if you watch my table is shaky, and we need to put these things in place. If the physical materials are in state of disrepair, you would also know that the personnel of the commission are equally in a state of disrepair if I may use that word”.  But we believe that with the rebuilding agenda of this present administration, we will put everything in place.