THE EDUCATOR - February 3

Ohakim Threatens to Lead Mass Protest against Non-Payment of Judges Salary in Imo

* declares for 2019 Imo Governorship Contest

The Former Governor of Imo State Ikedi Ohakim says the present Economic situation of Imo State is worsen compare to what it was befor 2011 he left office, noting that the cause of high rate of illicit use of drugs in the state which recently Governor Rochas Okorocha move to go tough on is as a result of severe economic situation in the state.

  • Ikedi Ohakim


The Former Governor in interactive meeting with the media on Saturday 3 February evening at his Owerri residence alleged that for the past Sixteen months judges in Imo State have not been paid salary.

Describing it as scandalous, former governor Ikedi Ohakim threatened to personally lead a protest in the state if by March the government fail to offset the salary bills of the judges.

Ohakim used the occasion to make his intentions known to run for governor in 2019 for the second term.

“I am deeply concerned about what I called a national scandal that is trying to blow my brain open. When my former Chief protocol officer was introducing me, he said when I was running as governor; the first sector I gave attention was the judiciary. I told them that the Executive is not bigger than the judiciary; judiciary is not bigger than the executive. But it has become scandalous that judges in Imo State have not been paid salary for sixteen months now. I want to use this opportunity to call on Mr. President, and Chief Judge of Nigeria to as a matter of urgency look into this problem, and also appeal to the governor to pay these judges. Their salary must be substantially paid not more than March 2018. After March if nothing happened, I will lead a protest, and if it will warrant me going naked I will go naked on the street of Owerri to press in this demand. I will open a register for people who will join me will sign. Nobody can play with Judges. Nothing is happening in the civil service, the civil service is gone.

“The economy has totally gone. Can anybody raise his hand and say that the condition in this state is better than it was in 2010-2011. In 2011, before I left office, there were 20 bumps, I will tell you what bumps is by the time we left office, we now have more than 5000 bumps. Bumps are where Indian-herm is being smoked. I saw our governor last time lamenting about India-herm smoking. It is the worsening condition of the economy that make them to go into Indian-herm smoking. There were only 11 mortuaries in 2011; but between Aba and Okpuala alone 22 mortuaries on a street of one road. Funeral has become most important business in this state because of economic hardship."

"If we don't get it wright in this state, if we don't have a total big change, it is going to be so calamitous. Security will not be guaranteed. People will eat people, father will eat son, son will eat father, Kidnapping is going on everyday nobody is talking, and Lassa fever has taken over.

"If am giving opportunity again, I will bring back Ekeukwu Owerri back, but this time in a modern system, with underground packing.

“Ohakim will run for governor in 2019," the former Governor said.