THE EDUCATOR - June 08 2018



As part of the continued effort to reposition Ohuhu economically,, socially, politically as well as put the community on the part to sustainable development, the Ohuhu Peoples Assembly,OPA, have inaugurated the executive of Umuhu ward..

Speaking at the swearing in held at  Umuagu Hall, the Leader of Ohuhu peoples Assembly, high chief Berthy Ukaogo, said that the major objective of the forum remained correcting  the past mistakes. "I know that few elites may not be too comfortable with this forum, may be because of certain interest. But let me tell you, this forum's major aim is to put Ohuhu name where it should be, at the top. So long as you have Ohuhu interest at heart fear not, join us so that together we will rewrite the bad story" he said.
The Leader, also call on the people to retrace their steps to the era of "onye ahala nwanneya", respect for elders and leaders,as  well as jettisoning of  jealousy among themselves.

He charged the newly sworn in executive of Umuhu ward of the Ohuhu political forum, to sensitise the people in their community on the objectives of the forum, "you are now our eyes and nose in Umuhu, therefore, we expect you to work hard in this battle of liberating Ohuhu and realising the dreams of our founders. Okpara was never a coward neither did him brought shame to us throughout his leadership as premier of old Eastern region . Therefore, we should preach it and also put it in practice. 2019 is around the corner Ohuhu must shine their eyes and ensure that credible candidates wins" he said..

After taking their oath of office and was officially  sworn in, the ward coordinator while thanking the the Leader and the central executive  said that they count themselves lucky to be chosen to  serve Ohuhu land.

He promised that they will go into all nook and cranny of Umuhu and spread the good news.
Few weeks ago Nkwoachara ward executive was inaugurated.

Dir. Media/Publicity
Ohuhu Political Forum
Hon Obioma Oburuoga