THE EDUCATOR - November 20 2018



The National Chairman of United Progressive Party UPP, Chief Chekwas Okorie says Peoples Democratic Party PDP is the wicked political party Igbo people have ever encountered, adding that Ndigbo threw everything they have into PDP but got nothing.

“There is no political party that has hated Igbo people like the PDP. PDP is the wicked political party Igbo people have encountered. They threw everything they have into PDP, but got nothing”, Chekwas Okorie said.

Narrating the ordeal of Ndigbo in the hand of PDP in an interview with the *The Educator*, at his Enugu residence, Chekwas Okorie the founder and former National Chairman of All Progressive Ground Alliance APGA said PDP is responsible for APGA stunted growth, and for 16 years in power, no reasonable infrastructural development that could be seen in Igbo land.

“The Northern political Leadership came together in PDP and said that it was payback time to make Alex Ekwueme president for his loyalty to Shehu Shagari. That propaganda was sold to the South East, and Igbo people rose to it, more excited than  this Peter Obi issue as if he had already been made president.

“After tactfully working it out, the nomination of president came last, after the election of all the other state and Governorship candidates, so those who went for the convention in Jos to elect presidential candidate, some went as Governors elect, like former Governor Orji Uzor Kalu and others. Igbo people voted 100% for Ekwueme. And part of the trick was to sell the idea that any person aspiring to be presidential candidate but unable to deliver his area will not be qualify to run as presidential candidate. So, when Igbos has returned 100 percent, the whole five states, they changed the rule because Obasanjo who had already become an aspirant could not deliver his area. So, that condition you must deliver your area was not longer applied, and Alex Ekwueme was shortchanged. They went back laughing that they have tricked Igbo people again.

" Then, since that time, 1999 till today, there is no single infrastructural development you can locate in Igbo land started and completed by the PDP after 16 good years. Not one. In 16 years PDP destroyed the party (APGA) we try to form when we could not make any head way in their party. They used every Government machinery to frustrate APGA. I was in court for 8 years, so am talking from personal experience. In 8 years I went to Supreme Court three times. I knew what I suffered in what I called serial travail for justice. Not because of Chekwas Okorie, but because Igbo people suppose to have a platform of their own so that they can be able to speak.”