THE EDUCATOR - June 7, 2019

Proliferation of illegal Motor parks a hindrance to Growth of cities - Sunny Nwakodo   

The former Chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers NURTW, Abia State chapter, and presently the union national auditor, Chief Sir Sunny Nwakodo said one of the major problems that hinder the growth of cities is the increasing rate of road side motor parks.

Sir Nwakodo, said government is not putting enough effort to ensure that those road side motor park operatives and mushroom unions who do not obey directives of loading inside government approved motor parks are sent parking.

He said one of the first things to do in sanitizing a city is to provide befitting motor parks where every vehicle would be loading and discourage any form of road Side Park and mushroom union who only disobey instructions and orderliness.

Nwakodo, believes that the high rate of crime in many cities today are not unconnected with most of these illegal road side motor parks, adding that many have lost valuable items while traveling in those vehicles.“Those illegal motor packs along the roads for instance in Umuahia and Aba, are not supposed to be so. If the government provides befitting motor parks and enforces every vehicle to load in those designated Motor Parks, the road would be free and the city would equally be more organised. So you find out that the challenges we are having is the issue of multiple mushroom unions that makes it difficult  for operators to load in the government approved motor parks.“The safest place to go and board a vehicle is in the motor packs. You can be sure of recovering any missing item, or in case of any accident, you can identify the person easily. Road side motor packs have no identity, in case of any lost or accident, identification and recovery are very difficult.”

“So, Government should encourage legal motor parks and discourage illegal motor parks. And for government to achieve that, they have to set up a strong trusted task force well taken care of by the government, not those who will be looking for other means to do the job and by so doing they will compromise with the illegal park drivers, he said”.

The former state Chairman of NURTW Abia State chapter, who is now the vice president elect zone one, said the election conducted by the union recently which produced him as the vice president was a tough one. Abia recorded such victory because the state has been doing well in the union, and also the recent increase in their contribution to the union gave them the opportunity to have the support of other members to take the position of the vice president of zone one.

According to him, zone one comprises of Abia, Imo, Enugu, Ebonyi and Anambra states, which he is going to represent as the National vice chairman. He said his main agenda would be to reposition the zone to grow stronger and also contribute meaningfully to the national body to enable them fight for their right and get higher position if zoned them.