THE EDUCATOR - June 7, 2019

We are taking FMC Umuahia to the Next Level – New MD

The new Medical Director of Federal Medical Centre Umuahia, Dr. Azubuike Onyebuchi has said the management under his watch is poised to take the hospital to the next level.

Dr. Onyebuchi who before his appointment was the acting Medical Director at the Federal Teaching Hospital Abakiliki, Ebonyi State said moving the Federal Medical centre Umuahia to the next level would be part of their effort to cue into the vision of President Muhammadu Buhari as it regards to the health sector especially in his second tenure.      

He said his main focus would be to make Federal Medical Centre Umuahia a patient centered hospital where their services would be available at any point in time without unnecessary logistics delay, making sure that services are available to the patients in a timely manner, respect for patients as well as cueing into the three major mandate of the hospital which are services delivery, training and research.

“We want to make services available to the patients in a timely manner; we want to be a patient centered hospital where services are available at any point in time without some of these unnecessary logistics delay. Those are basically my vision. And we want to make sure we cue into the three major mandate of the hospital which are services delivery as I have said, training and of course research. We want to make sure that all these areas are given key attention”, he said.

The new FMC Umuahia Medical Director said he is repositioning the staff to be more accessible, proactive, dialogue whenever there are differences; make sure that every professional rivalry is stopped.

He said he has assured the staff that they will be having interactive sessions where their problems would be discussed, proffer collective bargaining on what should be done. “Once you do that and they find out that you are open, all the strike actions would stop especially the local strike. Though you may not have the power to control the national one, but we will try as much as we can to control the local once, and make sure that their welfare is paramount.

“I want to be remembered as a Medical Director who came and make sure that services to the patient are timely accessible, courteous, and affordable. The major thing why government opens the hospital is for the patient”, he said.